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February 15, 2011


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That looks amazing!

We're having an early spring in PA, so over the weekend I was able to smoke about 8 pounds of Canadian bacon. My guanciale is still hanging in the basement (we had friends over Saturday night but they barely touched the duck charcuterie so it wasn't like I was going to break out the good stuff...).
Having done stuff that just hangs in my basement now, I'm significantly less anxious about preparing hot-smoked stuff like bacon.

I love Canadian bacon. I was going to do some of that in addition to the pork bellies but couldn't find any decent loins.

Maybe we need to get a "pet" pig LOL.

I arrived late in the Charcutepalooza party as well! Wow, you made both bacon and pancetta! Truth to be told, after reading bacon posts, I'm ready to get another slab of pork belly!

Looking forward to your duck prosciutto. I have yet to start mine.

Thank you for sharing =).

Much easier for me to get a whole cryovac loin than to find whole bellies (even on our half pigs they insist on removing the skin from the belly). The best skin-on belly I can find is at an Asian supermarket on the west side of Baltimore.

That pork belly looks so nice and fatty! Great post - thanks for playing along.

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