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September 16, 2009


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I was actually pondering this very thing today! I had just gone shopping for my yummy grass-fed beef and other organics (blah, blah, blah). I was pondering comments that various family members have said, such as: "fresh fruit is too expensive"; "I can't afford to buy vegetables"; "Fast food is just cheaper." As I pondered these comments (they seems to always haunt me), I started thinking about the massive amounts of medical bills that accumulate…trips to the doctor…unknown reasons for total and complete meltdown by their kids, blah, blah, blah.

In the end…it's cheaper to eat healthy. I can't understand why spending an few extra hundred dollars a year (give or take) is such a drama, when you add up all the crazy amounts spent on health insurance, medical bills, and medications.

Just recently, a known-overweight-diabetic chatted about the trip to Dairy Queen, McDonald's and another fast food just after having the blood work drawn for the weekly doctor check-up. Ummm…really??

Point being: really good article!!!!
Okay…coming off soap box. :D

Well, there are limits to what constitutes cheaper. In one NY Times column there was mention of buying organic milk at the Greenmarket for 14 dollars a gallon.
Many people never really see the medical costs of their eating habits, if they have health coverage at all. A minor co-pay and prescription coverage can make the out-of-pocket expenses quite low.
But for many of the people who use public plans the downside is that they live in poor urban areas, often without a way to get the real food that they may not have a way to cook, if they have time between having two jobs and relying on public transit. If the grocery store doesn't carry produce and the McDs is down the street and the kids are hungry, where do you go? If the stove doesn't work and you live in public housing, how long does it take to get it fixed? What tastes better, right out of the microwave-fried "chicken" lumps or barley pilaf?
Eat a lot of good food and you like it. Eat a lot of crap and you stop being able to taste the real thing.
(There's an idea for a reality show-a dozen non-cooks have to learn how to cook and taste real food. For the finale they have to make a meal for all of their families)
It took decades for the downside of smoking tobacco to percolate far enough into public consciousness that it was recognized as a bad thing. I don't see eating right to move any faster, especially as eating can't be considered and entertainment or a luxury.

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