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January 03, 2009


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I love toffee and appreciate the post! I found the recipe and can't wait to try it. My biggest issue with toffee has always been the chocolate top coming apart from the toffee bottom. Maybe this recipe will work better.

Delamination can be a bit of a problem with this toffee, but not a significant one. This is the first year I've had noticeable issues with it, but I've been using store-brand butter this year instead of Land-O-Lakes, which Marilyn recommends.

You making a double batch, Darcie? I count 8 sticks of butter...

I ALWAYS make a double batch LOL. As far as the separation issue, I found that putting some of the nuts on before putting on the chocolate filling helps to keep them glued together better. I didn't do it on this batch, though (forgot), but I didn't have much problem with de-lamination.

Glad to see this doubles well. I am always afraid to double candy. I made 2 separate batches of Marilyn's amazing toffee this Xmas and told myself I need to make at least 3 next year. People go INSANE for this stuff! My dad just about slapped someone's hand away from his own stash and told him to get his own. He wasn't sharing!

Looks like 2 double batches ought to do it next year. ;-)

Marilyn is indeed a goddess!!!!!

Hi Darcie, Hope you are getting settled in...what size pan do you pour a double batch into? What size pot do you cook in??


So glad you are back blogging! I missed read it!

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