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January 28, 2009


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I think the idea of the minutiae of the carbon footprint can't be accurately broken down in small quantities.
Who is more likely to have raspberries on the menu in January? Who has more food waste? Is using a big, unregulated truck to deliver better or worse than using a car with emission controls?
Does the local get its' product locally?
And so on.
You do what you can, and think about how do more and enjoy your life.

Walking is good, and it sounds like a great way to meet the new neighbors and make some friends. Is the cost of food, from the market or in the pub, substantially different (less) than on the East Coast? Yeah, I still count the hills of West Virginia as the East Coast.

At least you are doing your bit for the economy!

Hmmm. Having worked in a restaurant, I'd say you're kidding yourself.

The amount of electricity and gas used by restaurants is multiple times what you'd use at home. Also, unless you're going to a place which advertises loccal organic food, most restaurants get most of their ingredients from many questionable sources, including ones you wouldn't consider buying. And then there's the *laundry*.

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