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February 11, 2008


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I've done the bacon, although I choose the maple syrup variation and roasted it, instead of smokeing. Talk about melt in your mouth. The other half the pork belly, I hope to get another President's day, but my wife is starting to look at me funy, became pancetta. It was brined for about a week, then rolled tight with pepper, tied and hung in the basement for another week.

There are pictures of what the pancetta looked like on my blog. Unfortunately I didn't think to start taking pictures until long after it got hung. Of course the blog only got started recently.

Next time I go with the maple bacon and the peppered bacon, but both will be smoked.

This looks so promising, am looking forward to seeing how it turned out. :D

Here's my experience with Canadian Bacon last fall http://cookingintheory.blogspot.com/2007/10/makin-bacon-eh.html. Since then I have had a chance to roast one using the cheat at the bottom of my post. I'll be interested to see your results.

PS - the 150 degrees is a health and safety thing - their lawyers probably required it!

Pete & I started our bacon on Sun. We used the maple syrup recipe. I want to do the pancetta next. Just have to figure out how to hang it in the bedroom. It's the temp & we run a humidifer at night.


If you don't want it rolled, wrap it in cheese cloth and tie it with butcher's twine. Hang it via a loop off a dowel rod between two chair backs.

If you roll it, simply tie it as you would a rolled roast, every inch or so. Have a loop or two and again hang it from a dowel.

Put a half sheet under it as it will drip.

Anxiously awaiting the results.........

Its funny, I'm not Canadian, I only live here but they don't sell "Canadian Bacon" here. We have peameal bacon which is somewhat similar to what us American's knows as Canadian Bacon, but its not the same.

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