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February 18, 2008


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Oh man, it's 6 am and your killin me with those photos. :)

Nice grill too - that looks like a real bbq.

Thanks for the report Darcie!

We have the same hot smoker, and it was warm enough yesterday, 60+ F) that I could get it down off the ridge. Found it a couple of years ago at Home Depot

So the next time I can get a pork belly, I will smoke one or two five pound pieces as bacon.

I've roasted the maple bacon and that is very good.

Your project looks like a success! The photo of the canadian bacon is particularly inspiring since I haven't tried that yet. I'm starting a second round of bacon (and this time pancetta too) tomorrow. Wish me bacon luck!

We just roasted some maple bacon this weekend as well. Our piggy's belly was portioned into one-pound pieces so we can make lots of different varieties.

I'm contemplating demoing bacon in Cleveland...

That looks really good, but for the next batch, especially of the Canadian, try fruit wood as the smoking chips. I've used Pear and Grapevines in the past year. You will like the result - I guarantee!!!

I would like to try fruit woods for smoking. I ran out of time for this batch, but I have access to free apple wood, so I might try that.

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